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Coaching Twelve Week (full summer)

Coaching Twelve Week (full summer)

  • Each session is aproximately 2 hrs of on trail/off trail instruction. 
  • We recomend that the rider meets with Alex on a regular schedule (every week or every other week)

  • Alex is still an active racer and may be traveling some weeks which will require some advanced planning. 

  • Youth Coaching

    Alex McAndrew has been racing at a professional level for 8 years.  His contagous personality makes him the ideal coach for the young up-and-commers in this sport!  Alex has spent the last two years as the primary race coach for the IdeRide Jr. Race Team.  He is an extreemly popular coach among both the kids and the parents.  He has an unmatched ability to make the sport fun while helping grow each athlete.  In recent times, he has been asked to provide additional one-one-one coaching services as well.  This is a great opportunity for those lil-rippers who are interested in taking it to the next level!

  • Racer's Ready

    • Riders will need to have "race ready" equipment, an eagerness to learn, and be proficient at riding. 

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